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November 10, 2012
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"This.  Sucks."  You complained to yourself as you held your mini (f/c) flashlight in one hand, a big duffle bag in the other.  It was fall and a bit cold.  Currently, you were in your school hall ways, at night, with no one else there.  You could see a crescent moon  outside the windows from where you walked.  It looked so nice outside.

Groaning to yourself, you turned a corner, and finally reaching the room that you needed.  Opening it with your foot, you got a slight chill.

A girl had died here a month previous in this exact room.  She was your age and was actually really pretty.  You weren't friends with her, but at the time you still felt bad for her.  

Now you had the privilege to go in here, set some shiz up, and try to contact her with a stinking Ouija board.  "Yay…"

~Flashback?  Certainly~

Earlier that same day, your and your best friend (best friend name) were hanging out with Toni and Romano at lunch.  Talking about the usual things like foods;  gossip;  food again;  The normal shiz.  That's when an annoying pest named Francis came up and wanted to play 'Truth or Dare'.

Francis in 'kinda' your friend.  You only talk with him because Toni does, but other than that, definitely not.  The perv.  The first time you ever met him, he tried hitting on you and kissing you!  You haven't even had your first kiss yet, so you got embarrassed and accidently hit him hard.  Though now that you thought of it, you were happy that you did hit the freak.

A bunch of other people had joined in the game and everyone was taking turns giving people questions or telling them what to do.  Almost everyone who had gone so far had chosen dare.  Save for Toni, but his dare was to kiss Romano, and that ended up in someone bleeding.

Laughing as it came to your turn, you didn't get the chance to see who it was, but you chose dare.  You always choose dare because there's no way your telling something secret of yourself!  Your laughing instantly stopped though when you saw who was going to tell you what to do.

It was Francis…

You were expecting the most perverted thing ever.  There were random pictures flying threw your mind, so when he told you the dare, you were kind of dumbfounded.  "Mon cher~  I dare you to come back 'ere tonight and go to ze classroom zat ze pretty girl died in last month;  bring a Ouija board;  a camera, and summon 'er~"

You blinked a moment, but grinned and happily accepted his dare.  There was no way that you were going to back down from such a ridiculous thing.  Your Norwegian friend gave you the board, and Toni had given you the camera along with a portable stand to put it on.

~End of Flashback~

Setting the duffle bag gently down onto one of the desks in the front row, as well as standing the flash light upright so that it would shine at the ceiling, you looked around the room and sighed.  It looked so creepy.  It was obvious that no had been in here since that day.  There was dust and cobwebs everywhere!  

Un-zipping the bag and setting up the stand for the camera you thought to yourself about how cool it'd be to have a type of haunted house thing in here.  You wouldn't even need to decorate ~!  … Yeah… You're a weird one.  You sighed again for what seemed like the hundredth time that night as you got the camera set so that it was facing the teachers desk.  Once that was done you set up the Ouija board, putting two black candles at the top right, and left of the desk.

To be honest?  You really didn't believe in this stuff.  Your friends always said that they believe in it because things have either happened to them, or there's something in their house.  But you?  Nope.  You'll only believe it once you see it.  So hey, maybe you'll believe after tonight, or maybe you still won't.  And if you didn't this was going to be /such/ a waist of your valuable nerd time.

Lighting the candles, you thought about how you could be at home in your Pj's watching some anime while eating chips and ramen noodles, but no, you had to be here doing this boring dare that didn't even scare you!  

After setting the cursor in the middle of the board you looked at it.  It was pretty creepy looking.  It had a pentagram, the upside down one, in the middle of it.  The letters were in old English text;  it had the alphabet;  numbers from 0-9;  had 'Yes' and 'No';  and also had 'Hello' and 'Goodbye' on it.  Very detailed.  You were actually impressed.

After admiring it a little more you walked to the camera and pressed the record button after you double checked that the thing was in place.  Re-taking your spot behind the teachers desk, in front of the board.  Clearing your throat, you looked to the camera blandly.  

"This is the amazing (F/n) (L/n), Doing the dare that she was assigned…  To try an talk to this dead girl.  No to prove this shiz is all fake."  With that, you gently set your fingertips on the cursor and took a breath closing your eyes.  "Is there anyone here?"  You asked a little loudly.  After a minute of feeling nothing nor hearing nothing, you clicked your tongue.  "Let's rephrase shall we?  If there is anyone in this  room, move this thing in my hand to the word 'Yes'.  And if you don't know what 'Yes' is then I guess your screw-"

Suddenly, you felt a warmth on your hands as you the cursor moved.  It actually felt as if someone was standing right beside you.  Gulping, you watched as it moved slowly to the 'Yes'.  "Holy shit…"  You looked to the camera, your (e/c) eyes wide.  "Just for your information, that was NOT me…  Uhm, what other question should I ask.."  

This was way cool!  Your first experience with this dumb stuff and you get lucky~  "Okay, what are you?  Are you the ghost of that chick that died here?"  You looked down to the cursor grinning as it moved, but then glared when it went to the 'No'.  "Then who the hell are you?"

The warmth you felt started to envelope up your arms to the rest of your body.  It heated up more around your neck and chest making you shiver slightly.  Was this thing feeling you up???

Feeling the curser move again, you attempted to ignore it as you looked to the letters.  "'G'…..'I'…. 'L'…. 'B'…..'E'….'R'…'T'…"  Gilbert?  That's a guys name….  A weird one at that.

"What kind of name is /that/?"  You said slightly under your breath.  The heat instantly covered your whole body and started to actually make you sweat despite the coldness in the room.  "Alright, alright, chill out you baby.  I'm sorry for dissing your weird name you brat."  Heat arose at your chest, decreasing everywhere else, making you shiver yet again.  Not able to take it, you removed your hands from the curser.

Looking to the camera annoyed like, you spoke annoyed also.  "So…  Since you people aren't here, I'll clue you in.  I think I'm getting felt up by a ghost.  Francis, that should make you feel amazing…  I did the damn dare, so there you go."

An idea popped into you head making you grin lightly.  Since you were doing this, you minds as well have fun with it and scare them.  

Grabbing the camera you made it face you as you looked around scared.  "Hello?  Is anyone- AHHHH!!"  You turned the camera to the ceiling and fake fell, making sure to not mess the camera up as you made it face you.  Your face was blank and eyes wide as you starred into the camera for a minute before  clicking the button that turned it on and off.

Grinning widely to yourself, you sat up and replayed the video.  "I hope that teaches you, you fricking perverted frenchy~"  Humming, you jumped up and gently put the camera away first.

As you were going back to the Ouija board, you heard a clapping noise coming from the doorway and quickly turned to see a man standing there, his front shadowed because of the lack of light.  Sighing, you put your hand to your chest.  "Really?  You scared the shiz out of me!  Why the hell are you here in school this late at night? … Do you even go here?"  You yelled at the man as you grabbed the Ouija board and stuffed it into the bag.

The man came closer.  When he was in the candle light, your breath almost stopped.  He looked to be 18, 19, but his hair was silver, almost white.  His skin was pale as snow, and and his eyes were almost like coals in a fire.  

He grinned to you, showing lengthened canines.  "Bitte~  But zat vas awesome acting you just did.  I couldn't help but applaud~  Your really going to get your friends viz zat."  He walked up to the other side of the teachers desk and leaned on it, looking straight into your eyes.  "Vere you planning on skipping the next day und having someone take ze tape in?"  

You blinked at his accent, but then smiled.  "Yup~  I was going to-… Wait, how long have you been standing here?  Also, you didn't answer my question."

The man tsked and grabbed the Ouija board out of the bag, putting it back onto the table, he put your hands onto the curser.  "I vas here vhen you called me here.  I don't go to zis shitty school."  You blinked.  "Who are you?"  Faking a look of hurt, he set his hands atop yours.  The warmth finding its way over your body again.  

Eyes widening, you looked to his toothy grin.  "Dose ze 'veird' name 'Gilbert' ring a bell?"  

"Yeah…. The funny, weird name 'Geelberrt',"  You deliberately messed his name up.  Knowing full well that he was no ghost.  Laughing, Gilbert leaned back, taking his hand away.  "I'm-"  black horns appeared atop his head;  Eyes turning a brighter shade of red, like a fire that had just had gasoline put on it;  nails turning into long claws with blood stains on them;  and a pointed tail appeared behind him.  "-a Demon from hell.~"
soooo this was a request from my friend :iconkara-kitsu-x: ~

She had asked me to upload this a while agooo buuutttt, she didnt have a DA account until today =^=

soo.... i didn't really no what to do... i no this isnt really good and i'm sorry Kitty!!!!!! ((thats her nick name i gave here hehe~))
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