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~Lud’s P.O.V~

Ludwig was sent back in time.  It being a haze as his mind was going through a sort of time warp through space.  

When he finally came to, he was shocked to find that he was actually floating in the air, above a town that seemed to look like a painting that was hanging up in his fathers house.  ‘This is too weird.’  He thought to himself as he slowly lowered himself to the dirt ground.  

Looking around, he could see different shops set up in the roads and see people using carriages and horses to get around.  There were mostly men out as the few women who were about were dressed rather slutty.  their breasts were almost being pushed out from a corset they were wearing and their skirts were hitched up, showing leg all over the place.  

Ludwig would have thought about going over there had he not had you on his mind.  By passing the brothel, he looked around at the different people and came to the realization that one;  No one could see him;  and two he was probably back in the late 1300’s into 1400’s from the different things written on walls and wood around the town of the plague or ‘black death’ having died down or ‘ended’.

Sighing, he ran a large hand through his messed up blond hair, pushing some of the locks back.  Of course some straid, but he didn’t care.  He needed to find out what his father was talking about.  Actually...  what was the point in doing this?  Why was he back in time and, how the hell was he back in time?  It made no sense to man as more questions bombarded his mind.  

Those thoughts were cessed as he suddenly felt a strong and painful pull to something in his chest.  It feeling as though his body was being ripped when he kept walking.

Stopping, he looked around, pain flashing on his face as he tried different directions, finding that one only eased the pain.  Since he didn’t feel like mentally getting sliced up, Ludwig ran in the direction that the pain was the least and sighed in relief as he felt it melting away into a warmth.

Continuing onwards, running out of the town, the man eventually came to a house.  It was in the woods... and it looked like a nice and clean area compared to the town.

Looking into the windows, his blue orbs widened as he saw his father, looking much younger and wrinkle free, with a beautiful young woman that had Platinum blonde hair with red eyes.  Ludwig felt his heart squeeze in his chest as he looked upon the woman, feeling a sense of adoration and love for her.  Knowing he’d never met her before but having a sense he did.

Leaning in closer to get a better look, the German gasped as his body fell through the side of the wood house.  Being confused as hell from that, he was about to flip before he heard his father speaking, that voice so full of love and tenderness that it made Ludwig freeze.  

“Monika...  He’s Beautiful.”  The man said, his blue eyes sparkling to the baby that was in the woman’s arms.  She, apparently Monika, giggled and looked to Axle sweetly.  “He looks just like you liebe...  Vas should ve name him?”  

Looking at the situation, Ludwig could tell that the woman had just given birth maybe a couple hours ago.  He sighed a little and sat down in front of the couple, watching his fathers face intently, never having seen these emotions on his face before.

Axle smiled a little.  “How about ve have Gilbert name him?”  ‘Gilbert?’  Ludwig thought with wide eyes.  Hearing his father yell out the name, the German waited with anticipation.  Expecting his bigger brother, he gasped seeing a smaller, child version of him.  He ran into his fathers arms and laughed seeing the small baby in the woman’s arms.  

“Is zat mein baby bruder?!”  He squealed in excitement, making the woman laugh, also causing warmth to run through Ludwigs chest.  “Ja...  Vas vould you like to name him?”  The child didn’t seem to hesitate at all as he answered almost instantly to his mothers question.

“Ludwig!!”  He screamed delighted, only to wince as the child moved in Monikas arms and his eyes fluttered open.  “oops..”  he whispered, looking to the baby.  He moved out of Axle’s arms and closer to the woman.  “He looks like Vati.  Vill he-”  

The child Gilbert’s voice faded into the background as Ludwigs mind started reeling.  That was him?  That was his father.... and that was Gilbert...  So...  That was his mother?  Looking to the woman with tunneled vision, the German stared at her, taking her features in like he’d never see her again...  Which in reality he wouldn’t.

He must have been staring for a long time considering when he came back to, Gilbert and Axle were gone, leaving Monika with ‘Ludwig’.  

Ludwig slowly moved to her side, not able to touch her, looking down to his baby self.  It was him...  His father had baby pictures and that is what he looked like...  but in those pictures there wasn’t ever any hint of this woman...  Was his Father being serious?  Was he re-born in a different time period?  How would that even happen if this woman wasn’t here to birth him and his brother?

His vision started getting blurry again and suddenly, he was sitting on the floor of the house alone.  

Looking around confused, he heard laughing and giggling outside.  Shaking off the dizziness that was trying to come over him, Ludwig stood and walked outside to see his mother, Gilbert and the smaller version of himself playing tag.  

He must be about three now considering his size and how he was toddling around as his mother pretended to not be able to catch him.  Smiling softly, Ludwig sat in the soft grass, just watching the scene with envy and happiness.  If this was real, he was glad he was able to see this.  

Hearing something off in the distance, he looked over to see some creature coming out of the forest with two large bucks, covered in blood and having large black wings protruding from it’s back.

Staring in shock, Ludwigs head snapped towards the smaller version of himself as he heard him scream.  The small boy was smiling brighter and had started running to the thing.

Standing up from his spot, Ludwig started running to his child self, confused as to why the mother wasn’t chasing the boy.

The creature threw the bucks down and it’s large, feathered wings spread wide as the child reached it.  Scooping the child Lud up, the adult him stopped in front of the thing and sighed, realizing it was his father.

Setting a hand on his chest, he tried calming his heart as he stared the man over.  ‘What the hell happened to him?’  He thought to himself, but then gasped as he remembered what his father had said to (Name).  

“Demons...” he sighed out as he looked to his Father who was cuddling the small boy in his arms like he wasn’t covered in blood.  The child like Ludwig didn’t seem to mind so he guessed it was normal...  Jumping a little as a black shadow zoomed passed him, Ludwig shook his head as he saw gilbert had those wings as well and had flown over to his father.

If they had wings... did that mean...  Ludwig looked to Monika and blinked seeing her wings were out as well  She was walking over to her family and took the Child Ludwig from his Father.  “I told you to wash up before you came home...  Now the boys need another bath...’’  She scolded the man gently, only to smile and kiss his cheek when he gave a gentle pout.

Getting that hazy vision once again, he sighed, getting used to it already as he was transported into a different time.  Looking around, he blinked seeing that small house had turned into a large mansion.  Looking around Ludwig could tell it was still the 1300’s.

He started walking towards the house when a bright girl passed by.  Freezing in his tracks, his eyes widened seeing that it was (Name).  Her bright (e/c) eyes shining as her beautiful (h/c) hair followed after her running form.  Gulping, the German felt like he fell in love at the sight.

Wanting to run to you and wrap his arms around you, but he knew he couldn’t... Just as his hopes were dying, he heard a loud voice from a window in the mansion.  Looking up, he face palmed seeing a teenage version of himself smiling to his (Name).  

“(Name)!  Vhere have you been liebe?”  He asked, causing (Name) to look up, giving him that sweet smile of hers and a blush appear on her face.  The look reminding Ludwig of how his (Name) used to be before that shower incident.  And it broke his heart, knowing that could have been handled a different way.

Before he could wallow in his sadness too much, his teenage version jumped out of the window, making (Name) gasp and jump up.  She kept going...  Till she caught the teenager Ludwig.  

The German man should have guessed, his little girl had wings as well...  They weren’t fully raven black like his families were.  Only one of her beautiful wings were like that whilst the other was a bright - the brightest he’d ever seen- white.  That wing seemed to be sparkling in the sun as she flew up to it.

Ludwig was in awe as he stared at her wings that seemed to just fit her figure perfectly.  She looked like she did when she was 16....  So many different emotions played through his chest as he remembered that year.  

His thoughts were disrupted as he saw the two get to the ground.  (Name) was yelling at his teenage self, and he laughed a little as he saw her worried face.  It was something he missed.

After getting fussed at, the Teen Ludwig smiled a little and kissed (Name), making the adult Lud go wide eyed, a sense of possession and protectiveness washing over him...  Even if that kid was him in the first place.  They kissed so easily...  Were they together?

As they started walking into the house, he gasped seeing that haze start going over his vision.  “Nein!”  He wanted to see (Name) more!  He needed to see her!

Feeling despair, he sighed as he waited for his vision to clear.  

When it did, he looked around to see he was in his room.  Was he back to reality?  Of course not, the room looked like something from a Romeo and Juliette movie.  He sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose, starting to wonder why he was even seeing these things.  Were they really from his previous life?  

Hearing a soft moan, Ludwig felt his chest warm.  Looking to the bed, he shivered seeing (Name) sleeping there like such an angel.  She looked a little older than before, around 18 now, but still beautiful.  She  was curled up into an older looking Ludwig, who seemed to be in his 20’s, making the one watching slightly jealous.  

The younger man sat up and just watched (Name) for a while, gently moving her hair from her face with a gentle smile, full of love.  when (Name) stirred awake and started asking questions that seemed out of character, Ludwig blinked a little.

Was it possible...  Were they having the same dream again?  

Watching the scene play out, Ludwig growled as his younger self pinned his (Name) to the bed.  He could see she was distressed and didn’t want that.  If they were truely having the same dream again, that meant he could reach out to her...  

As he saw his younger version sliding his hand up (Name’s) leg, he was beyond pissed.  He flew over to the bed and with every ounce of strength he had, he pushed his younger self off.  Well tried to...  he only ended up going into him.

Everything turned black before he re-opened his eyes to see (Name)  looking down to him worriedly.  Smiling softly, he gently cupped his (Name’s) cheek.  “Mein liebe...  Vati’s here.”

~Your P.O.V~

Feeling that hand sliding up your dress, you shivered at the warmth of it and whimpered a little.  Your voice wouldn’t come out...  You couldn’t tell him to stop.  Closing your eyes you bit your lip as you felt that hand getting terribly close to a certain area.

Hearing a gasp, you snapped your eyes open to see the man above you had frozen in his place.  He was looking right at you, but not at you at all.  Then suddenly he fell on you, making you groan softly as his weight about crushed you.  

Somehow you were able to roll him off you.  Even though he was about to do that to you, not that you didn’t like it, you leaned over him, worried for him.  “Ludwig... Luddy wake up!”  You said, starting to get more and more worried by the minute.

When his eyes fluttered, you sighed in relief, smiling a little as his hand reached up and cupped your cheek.  Leaning into it, you sighed softly as you remembered your Vati again.  He’d always do this to calm you and-

(E/c) eyes widened at hearing his words, you stared down at the man.  Your breath suddenly coming out in shallow breaths as you felt your self about to cry.  “V-vati?”  You asked with a broken voice.

Seeing his eyes gentle and soften, you let out a soft cry as you wrapped your arms around him, clinging onto him tightly.  “V-vati... I... I’m sorry... I’m so sorry!  I didn’t mean to run, I didn’t mean to-”  

“Liebling... Hush...  It’s okay...”  He said in a gentle voice that you missed.  He just held you as you clung onto him, not minding holding you.

After you finally leaned back, you smiled a little but gasped when you were suddenly being kissed. Unlike when the other Ludwig kissed you, you could feel that this was yours...  Not just a dream or a random Ludwig...  This was your Vait... Your Ludwig...

He was the one who initiated the kiss, so you didn’t mind kissing back,  feeling your heart fluttering in your chest.  Not knowing how long you two made out, but when he pulled away, you were left short of breath, eyes glazed over.  This Ludwig was definitely better at kissing.

“Va-”  “Ludwig...  Call me Ludwig (Name).”  The German said in a gently yet commanding voice.

Feeling a blush creep up on you, you smiled shyly, looking up to him through your lashes.  “Ludwig.”  You whispered out, giving you shivers.  Sighing, you closed your eyes and leaned against his chest, setting your head on his shoulder.  “Are we sharing a dream again?”

Feeling him shift beneath you, you ‘eep’d’ softly as you were lain down but instantly curled into his warm chest when he wrapped his arms around you.  “Ve may be...  But I have a story to tell you.”  He said before going into detail of what all he’d seen.

After he was done, he was rubbing your back.  “Und now i’m here...”  He said gently to you.  Smiling a little, you looked up to him.  Your cheekish side coming out.  “So...  I guess I really was married to you...  but how did we... well...  die?  Did you see that yet?”  Seeing his head shake you sighed and closed your eyes once more, thinking of this all.

It was all crazy...  but you knew it to be true...  Deep in your soul you had a feeling that this was all just... right.  Ludwig was married to you and you to him before you died... You were a half angel and half demon...  and ludwig was a demon...

Smiling a little, you shook your head.  This was all insane, but you knew it to be true.  Looking up to Ludwig once more, a question popped into your head.  “  Do you like me Ludwig? ... more than a daughter?”

He was obviously thrown off by this question as a blush dusted his cheeks.  “Ah... I...”  He looked away, and you could see he was thinking of that thoughtless makeout session he initiated, seeing him blush more.  

Laughing softly, you felt like your heart was flying, feeling your body warm from the shyness of the man holding you.  You may have grown up in your second life with him as an adoptive father...  but he was your husband in your original life...  And to be brought together again, it was fate.  

“Ludwig...”  You said softly, getting his attention.  “I love you...”  Your voice was full of love, not for a father, but for a lover.  It made Ludwig blush darker, but his face softened as he slid his fingers along your jaw, making small shivers run through your body.  “Ich liebe dich auch mein liebling.”  He spoke gently.  

As he spoke, you felt like yours and his hearts instantly connected fully.  Making you feel like you were his and he was yours.  Looking into his eyes, you could tell he had felt the same thing.  

“(Name)...”  He breathed out, his voice laced with adoration and something...  more sexual.  Gulping softly, you continued looking into those blue orbs, not able to break the stare.  The more you looked, the more your mind started getting cloudy and the more your body started heating up.

Seeing you slowly moving over top of you, you didn’t stop him nor did you want to.  This felt too right.

Sliding your arms around Ludwigs neck, your (e/c) eyes were only slightly glazed now.  “(Name)...  Is it-”  

“Ludwig...  It’s fine.”  You spoke softly, closing your eyes as your lips connected with his own.
Here it is~~  Finally the 12th Chapter :iconyaygermanyplz:

Soo  sorry it's a little long~  I'll be cranking these chapters out like crazy!  Thinking of getting this series done by March 20th~

Hope you like your nice little reunion with your 'Vati'~

:iconludwigplz: :iconsaysplz:  It's Ludwig now...
:iconmoongodesslover:  :iconsaysplz:  Oops thats right~~

Chapter 12-  You're here!
Chapter 13-  Patient pets...  You'll get it soon enough. 
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