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November 16, 2012
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The sun was teasing your skin as you ran along side Ludwig.  Feli and Kiku weren't there, which was weird, but it seemed more peaceful.  After a while, you couldn't stand it, and turned to Lud, asking to take a break.  It felt as if you were burning.

The tall German, who didn't look even a bit winded, looked down to you with his breathtaking blue eyes.  His hair was messed up from running, and his shirt complimented his muscular figure so well.  Your chest tightened in response and you instantly heated up more. and it wasn't the suns fault.  

Ludwig didn't reply to you, he only took his gloves off and took you into his arms, one around your waist, the other cupping your cheek.  Never looking away from your (e/c) eyes.  He then whispered,  "Ze only vay vere taking a break is if ve do it in mein bed."  You shivered and could have sworn your heard a bell going off in the distance.

He leaned down and kissed your forehead so gently before kissing your cheek, making you blush and smile.  Looking to Lud, you saw he was closing in for a kiss on the lips, and you closed your eyes, practically feeling his breath as the space between you shortened.  He was not even an inch away from you when the ringing had gotten louder, making Ludwig disappear and black surround you.

You then awoke from your dream with a jolt, eyes flying open.  "Dammit!  So close this time!"  You yelled into your blackened room.  Grabbing your phone, you shut the stupid alarm off that awoke you from your heaven and also grabbed a tissue to blow your stuffy nose.  

Yes, you had gotten sick like a stupid person the day before.  You could tell it was coming by the itchy throat and it being sore.  Your body was also weakening.  All because you didn't dry your hair after you got out of the stinking shower.  Kiku had warned you about doing this numerous times but you though, -theres no way that that's even true- and look at you now.  Stuffed up nose, watery eyes, sore throat, aching body, and to top it off, you had to go to training with the Axis.

Groaning as you sat up in your bed, you forced yourself to throw the comforter off and instantly shivered.  Holy shiz was it cold!  You quickly changed into some sweat pants with shorts underneath and a tank top.  It was in the summer so you'd probably warm up after being outside for a little, especially since you were sick, you'd have weird warm/cold moments.

Looking at the clock you grimaced.  "crap..."  It was 5:30 A.m. and it took you 20 minutes to get to the training grounds.  -Looks like no breakfast today...-  

Rushing out of the house, you lightly jogged.  Your body was screaming at you to stop and just crash in someones yard, but you needed to get going.  You couldn't take your time, Ludwig would be pissed....  Your face instantly lit up as you remembered that dream this morning.  One of many.

Yeah...  That wasn't your first dream of him that you'd had.  You'd honestly been crushing on the big lug since the first time Feliciano,also known as Italy, had brought you into the group.  You were first caught by his eyes, then his body of coarse.  The first time he yelled, you didn't jump at all... You actually blushed madly because of how hot he sounded.  Italy on the other hand screamed and clung to you like a baby.

You smiled lightly, blushing at the memory.

Finally getting there, you looked down to your watch and froze.  "Shit..."  You were 10 minutes late.  Maybe they didn't notice...  Feli always had Lud preoccupied anyways..  As you rounded the corner, you could hear Ludwig barking out orders to Feli and Kiku.  The little Italian was on the verge of tears, and Kiku just looked tired as he kept up.

Drawing nearer, your presents must have been felt by Ludwig, for he turned to look at you, his eyes narrowing as he walked in your direction.  Your heart nearly stopped as he came to you.  You didn't know if it was from being sick or not, but your temperature felt as if it was 100 degrees hotter.

Ludwig's face was flushed from the heat, making his bright eyes pop out.  His shirt, like in your dream, was tight against his defined body, and you nearly fainted when he stood not even a foot away from you when he stopped to speak.  "(Name), vhy are you late?"  

Clearing your throat, which hurt slightly, you stood straight up, looking into his eyes.  "I wanted to get a good lo-ok at all you hotties working out~"  You said teasingly, but your damned voice cracked in the middle.  Lud raised an eyebrow at you.  "Are you okay?"  Nodding, you walked past him, still standing straight, and went toe Feli and Kiku.

Feli instantly glommped you, almost making you fall over, but also making you smile.  "Hey Feli~"

"Ve~  (Name) you seem warm even though you haven't worked out yet~"  Kiku came up looking to your flushed face worriedly.  "Hai, you rook a riddr pare."  Sighing you smiled to them reasuringly.  Why did Feli have to be smart about certain things?  "Nah, i'm fine~  Lets go before Luddy freaks~"

With that, the three of you started your usual routine of push-ups, which you kept failing at and had Lud yell at you because you kept dropping onto the ground, - even Feli was doing better than you!- curl ups, which you faked while Lud yelled at Feli.

By the time you'd gotten to your 15 minute cool-down run, your breathing was ragged, and your whole entire body felt numb and unbearably hot.  

Ludwig was right behind you, Feli and Kiku had finished before you long ago and were sitting down under a tree, yelling for you to hustle and go faster.  You kept trying, but your breaths came shallower and everything started getting blurry, before you knew it you couldn't see at all, and passed out.

~Lud's P.O.V~

As soon as you started falling, Lud caught you quickly.  "(Name)?  Hey!  (Name)!"  Feli and Kiku had ran over to you and Lud.  "Is she going to'a be okay??"  Feli asked worriedly, already freaking out and tearing up.  Kiku on the other hand had pulled out a hanker chief and crouched down beside Lud, patting your sweating forehead.  "I had thought she was sick.  She was unrike herself today."

Lud looked to them.  "She vasn't gut und you didn't tell me?  Ahh zis verdamnt dummkopf!"  He growled picking you up, and grabbed a bottle of cold water, setting it against your neck as he ran to your house getting there in record time of 10 minutes.  Once there, he put you in your bed worriedly and started taking care of you.

~Back to you~

When you awoke, you were surprised to be in your own bed in your house.  Your body felt relaxed and revived.  No more sore throat, nor stuffy nose.  Smiling you sat up and stretched, glad you kicked that damn cold.  

Opening your eyes, you blinked and blushed madly as you saw Lud was sleeping in a chair on the side of your bed.  What was he doing here?!?!  Looking around frantically, you saw a trey with a bowl and water on it, medicine, and him having dark circles under his eyes.  Smiling, your heart warmed, he took care of you.

Taking this once a life time chance though, you gently pet his head, he instantly awoke and looked to you with sleepy eyes before blinking and standing.  He instantly started lecturing you on how you shouldn't over exert your self, and that you could have just called him and he wouldn't have been pissed.  "Seriously though (Name)!  you have Feli und Kiku vorried to deaz!"  By this point you were annoyed and looked at him straight in the eyes.  "Oh?  So only Feli n Kiku are worried?  Glad to no you care."  

He actually looked taken aback.  He went to say somthing but stopped and sighed sitting down.  "I.... I vas vorried about you too.  Bitte, for yelling as soon as you awoke...  You really had me vorried, i didn't know vhat i vas going to do.  You looked so sick, und veak...  Next time tell me vhen your sick.  I don't like having you randomly fall in front of me.  Zat seriously gave me a heart attack."  Gave /him/ a heart attack?  what he was saying was giving you one!

"Luddy?....  Your being really weird...  Did i get you sick?"  He blushed a deep shade of red that you thought was adorable.  

"Nein...  I'm perfectly fine.  Uhm...  I need to tell you somezing...  I've vanted to for a vhile, but i didn't realize how much i... Until you fell like zat.."  He then paused fore a long moment that you didn't think he'd continue.  "Lud are you going to-"  "Ich liebe dich!"  He interrupted.  He was blushing such a dark red that you didn't notice what he said for a little, then it registered and you blushed just as dark.

"Luddy I..."  You couldn't find the right words, so you just glommped him and, finally after so many dreams, kissed his lips gently.  He instantly kissed back.

After a little you leaned back.  "I love you too!"  You gasped and leaned back.  "Crap...  I might still have the sickness."  Grinning, he leaned in and kissed you deeply anyways.  "I don't care."

~Later on~

Lud sneezed and was huddled under the covers.  You sighed.  "I told you..."  He smiled up at you, making you blush lightly.  "It vas vorth it."  Smiling back, your glommped him.  "I love you Luddy~~"  He laughed lightly, "I love you too (Name)."
Sooooo~ :iconx3plz: i think i did okay on this~

This was a request by :iconeeveelover52:

I hope yah like it love~!!!
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